Canon 35mm STM Macro Images

Canon 35mm STM Macro Images

Canon EF-S 35mm Macro using Macro-Light. ISO 100 1/5″ @ f2.8

I borrowed the Canon 77D body with the new 35mm STM Macro lens for the weekend. After I arrived home from work I planned on making a few shots around my home. The first close up image above shows the inside of a broken lens. I had the Macro Light right side active and photographed the image wide open at f2.8. I was interested in examining the bokeh, as this Canon lens has a circular aperture. The out of focus foreground highlights showcase the rounded aperture. I think the lens did a nice job rendering the circular bokeh for this example.


Liquid soap. Macro-Light off. LED back lighting. ISO 100 .4″ @ f11

Above image I used one of the small Promaster LED 120SS lights and placed behind the soap bottle. I did not want to use the Macro-Light in this situation as the soap bottle was reflective. It took me several minutes to set up these shots, shaking the bottle creating the bubbles, using a sliding tripod quick release plate and moving in close for 1:1 magnification. I also had set the Canon 77D in Live View mode. I could touch the LCD screen and the lens would focus very fast and precisely. The small bubbles were floating up slowly and accumulating near the top of the soap bottle.


Macro-Light w L side illumination. ISO 100 1/2″ @ f5.6


I left early the next morning and drove to the Parklands. I was walking along a gravel path just after sunrise looking for water droplets. It did not turn out to be a very dewy morning and I was kind of bummed. Eventually I came across an area with a small amount of dew and made the above image. Looking closely will reveal that I used the left side of the Macro-Light. I had the light in the lowest power setting. It took me a few minutes to get my tripod set and then using my slider rail I nudged the rig forward obtaining 1:1, or life size magnification. My style of macro tests my patience as just a gentle wind will blow the subject out of focus.


ISO 100 .4″ @ f 4.5 Macro-Light L side illumination

Moving further along the gravel path I came across another subject that caught my eye. Time out while I set up my tripod and align my subject. Once again I set the macro light to the lowest power and had the left side illuminated. Looking at the out of focus background also reveals some more bokeh balls.


Macro-Light turned off. ISO 100 1/15 @ f 4.5


I spent about an hour slowly walking down the path searching for some worthy macro subjects; trying always to use maximum magnification at 1:1. This forced me very close to the subject and setting up the tripod was tricky, as sometimes I would accidentally bump the base of the plant and some of the dew drops would fall to the ground.


Macro-Light off. ISO 100 1/20 @ f 5.6

Last image I made before I left the Parklands that Sunday morning. I finally found a blade of grass with three dew drops. I moved the lens in close again to 1:1 magnification, adjusting my slider rail, which is time consuming to setup but worth the effort. Then wind started to increase and the few dew drops that were left started to evaporate as the sun was getting higher above the horizon. My macro morning ended, not as successful as I wanted, as I had higher expectations anticipating the fields would be more dew laden.

Next time I will include images using the macro as a walk around lens.


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